Getting rid of the flies

BuzzzzZzz. Is that the noise that you are tired of hearing? And you may ask yourself how can i get rid of flies? Well there are two ways to get rid of flies. There is an external method involving another party that you may have to pay to for their fly-killing services and there is an internal way of home remedies that may help you counter the problem.
In the external method you may contact a company dealing with fly control services. They may come to your place and do the spray to kill the flies surrounding your space. Also you may get your doors and windows safely netted to avoid flies from entering your place. These methods are of course cost bearing.
The other method of home remedies involve making home made solutions that effective in attracting the flies, trapping them and killing them such as pouring apple cider vinegar, scented soap or sugary water in a jar with a paper funnel to trap the flies. Another way to keep the flies a bay is to plant certain trees out door such as mint, lavender, basil, bay leaf- the trees of these help keeping flies away.